eladio rojas

Drummer - Composer - Educator

"Eladio Rojas in my opinion is the most talented drummer to come through New England Conservatory in quite a while"... "Eladio can play effectively in just about any genre of music. Jazz, Rock, Funk, Latin etc. as well the more open free playing that usually takes many years to evolve into. I've noticed that many if not most of more talented young players tend to overplay so as to show off their abilities. Not Eli. Though he can play quite forcefully when called for, he already has the maturity to always put the needs of the music first. He never overplays or plays to show off. Eli gets a beautiful tone on the drums and has a very loose fluid way of playing. Whatever I've needed from him musically he has been able to provide. He is a sweet natured funny young man as well."

                  Ra Kalam Bob Moses - Drum Legend

Son of tuba player, Marcus Rojas and flutist, Helen Campo, Eladio grew up in the jazz clubs and concert halls of New York City. His family exposed him to a milieu of live performances, which contained artists ranging from the New York Philharmonic, to John Zorn, to Rodgers and Hammerstein, to Dave Douglas, to DIY rock bands, and everything in between.


Eladio has performed with Kenny Wollesen, Frank London, Bob Francescini, Bob Reynolds, Steve Wilson, Aaron Goldberg, and Anthony Coleman, among many others. 


Eladio has also played in a number of off Broadway Musical productions, including Rent, Crazy For You, Spring Awakening, and Starmites. He was also an original member of Freakers’ Ball, a band consisting of all current Broadway players and singers.  

He has studied with Ray Marchica, Ben Perowsky, Javier Diaz, Bob Moses, Dan Bauch, Chris Lamb, Jerry Leake, and Cecil McBee. Eladio is a graduate of New England Conservatory, where he was the drummer for the Honors Jazz Trio, The Gospel Choir, the Early Jazz Ensemble, and The NEC Jazz Orchestra.